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Alternative Housing
  • Our Youth Support Workers provide stable and supportive environments for children and youth living in the community. We offer a person-centered planning approach to services and work collaboratively with individuals, families and other service providers to ensure the highest quality of care and support.
  • Our Alternative Housing program is an all-inclusive program. We work with you, the social worker, to ensure your carefully crafted case plan is put into action in every aspect of the client’s life. Beyond that, we also serve each client using a “Wholistic” approach, ensuring their needs are met physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Research has shown that what your client needs is one-on-one time, and that is what they will receive with Wolastoqiyik Family Services. Our staff are there for the client 24/7 and only that client.
  • Contact us for an entire list of all Services included in our Alternative Housing Program
Youth Mentoring

Our Family Support Workers provide mentoring to children and youth within the community. Our mentors are positive role-models, who create a supportive and healthy relationship that provides each youth with knowledge to develop and achieve success in a variety of areas. Many of our mentors are First Nations themselves and thus have a much better understanding of the issues the youth are facing.

Community Planning And Programs

We understand that First Nation social work requires flexibility and creativity. That is why we are here to support you in developing and planning events and/or programs for the community. Whether you need help developing an idea, or just staff to work your already developed idea, we can help. We are there for you and your agency to release their creativity.

Crisis Intervention Services

We provide wellness checkups on children, adults, and families in your community. All staff are trained to observe, identify and report any signs of abuse, neglect, or other misconduct.


All your clients transportation needs taken care of by a trained staff. When you need something more than a cab or public transit. Our staff are trained in supporting numerous diagnosis, as well as functional and safety training's like Car Seat Safety Training.


Parents or caregivers of children with health conditions, disabilities or care needs associated with trauma or mental health, need a break sometimes. We can help by providing a Family Support Worker to care for their child while they are away.

Wellness Check

We provide wellness checkups on children, adults and families throughout New Brunswick.
A wellness check may be required to ensure the safety and well-being of a child or adult. All staff are trained in observing and reporting warning signs of abuse and neglect. You will also receive weekly reports for this service.

Supervised Visit

Again Social Work in First Nation communities requires flexibility and therefore we have two options for supervised visits. Option 1, has our Family Support workers provide supervision of access between a child and a parent or relative, at our Service Center. Or, Option 2, we will send a Family Services worker to the location of your choice to conduct the supervision of access between a child and a parent or relative.

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