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A Letter From The Founders

Wolastoqiyik Family Services is a company that is built around your values and worldview, from our “Wholistic” approach to providing services, to incorporating traditional practices into our Alternative homes and even the board room. We are working for you. Our company slogan is “Committed to Communities” and we live by that. We have a personal stake in strong First Nation communities and the betterment of services for First Nation children. At Wolastoqiyik Family Services we aim to be leaders in providing family services to First Nation families, individuals, youth and elders. Utilizing an approach driven by cultural values and beliefs our goal is to reaffirm the strength and resiliency of First Nation communities.
Our Company brings with it a variety of experiences and expertise that will ensure your clients are served in a way that maximizes the effects of your carefully crafted case plans. Our company is founded by individuals who not only care about the work we do, but care deeply about the work you do. We are headquartered on St. Mary's First Nation, a symbol of our connection to the communities we serve. We serve only First Nation communities and our business is tailored to their specific needs and requirements. We will work with you to ensure that we can meet all of your service needs, whether under Child Maintenance or Prevention.

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